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On Becoming Toddlerwise ~ Parenting Your 18-24 Month Old

Let’s face it. There is no end to a toddler’s creative expression, from munching on crayons to striking a Superman pose while standing on the grocery cart seat, when your head is turned to the artichoke bin. A toddler’s day covers a gamut of challenges, including small tantrums in the pizza shop because there is a bubble on the cheese, to tantrums at naptime because he is just too tired to rationalize the benefits of sleep. But there is a tender side of the same child.

As educators, parents, and grandparents, we know of no greater fulfillment that a parent can receive than the upturned face of a child, eyes speaking wonders, and a face of confidence in discovering the world with you. This is what makes parenting the most interesting subject in the world. In just over a year, the helpless infant emerges as a little moving, talking, walking, exploratory person marked by keen senses, clear memory, quick perceptions, and unlimited energy. He emerges into a period of life known affectionately as the Toddler Years.

On Becoming Toddlerwise concerns itself with this brief but significant window of growth, this vibrant period of your child’s life--from taking his first steps to mastering potty training. The second year of life is an amazing, spontaneous, engaging, yet challenging, time for the emergent child and his parents.

A toddler’s mind is driven by curiosity, a need to investigate and a tendency to try to rule the world with a smile or a scream; therefore, it becomes essential to consider the influence of the home as the principal learning environment, and Mom and Dad as the principal teachers. The self-evident truth that early family life lays the foundation for later adjustments exists above all other assumptions.