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On Becoming Childwise ~ Parenting Your 5-8 Year Old

The growth phase between five and eight years of age, is a time when parental training and encouragement are major players in a child’s developing world. These early school years awaken within a child a sense of fearful adventure in an ever-expanding world outside the confines of mom and dad. It is a time when his intellect develops sufficiently to allow purposeful interaction with adults and other children. As that interaction begins, he begins to process experiences and sensations from his deepening relationships that direct the way he interprets life. As his world unfolds, new and broader expectations are realized. Now he is confronted with role functions, norms, and expected standards of conduct which sometimes conflict with each other as well as with his own self-centered perceptions.

Children of this age not only begin to perceive how and where they fit into the larger social picture, but they also develop a life and worldview perception of where everyone else in their mental neighborhood belongs--Mom and Dad, little Kyle next door, and the mechanic down the street. Our goal in On Becoming Childwise is to help every parent get started and sustain a parenting course of action guided by conviction and filled with confidence. This is a resource that will help any parent raise emotionally balanced, intellectually assertive, and morally sensible children. It’s the essential guidebook for the adventurous years from toddler to grade schooler!

Informative books are great for reading, but do little for parents if practical how-tos are missing. We trust you will find On Becoming Childwise informative and highly practical and that the tips actually work, making a discernible difference in your parenting.